My computer bought my shoes.

29 Apr


Personal basic technological advancement ought be the path underserved financial demographics in the U.S. should want to venture into. Accessibility is astronomical no matter how inadequate most think their surroundings may be. Basic indispensable elementary teachings that can typically bump your status from the one who “knows about computers,” can also pave the way for  full out computer programming “wiz kid” status, depending on how deep you want to venture into it technology. All levels are all in high demand. Those knowledge induced sites lay only fingertips away from most Americans, now that all economic levels have access to Smartphone’s or the World Wide Web through school, library’s and other means. We should all embody tech in some form.

As a woman who grew up in the number one poorest county in the nation, I still have the ability to professionally draw a deep cut of financial freedom (relative to my location), using my art in photography and general graphics, sales, advertising and now film. It is apparent that the old adage of, “If I can do it, you can do it” actually will apply here. And really, I’m no one special, I promise. And those with a broader abilities, (everyone to say the least), have that capability to delve into the tech world in such a way that they could literally funnel even greater opportunities in this seemingly cut throat world of big talkers with zero results.

It is evident that even the poorest of countries, (with layers of technology bridging the gaps), have easy access and conversing abilities with America through social media sites and eBay type online businesses. This garners evidence that my statements can indeed be seen as fact.  Moderately poor can have access to technology and should use it to their advantage. Learn it in full detail, and possibly create new ways of reaching out to the general public, or to build a business with little to no start up. Start young my lads, start young. Those wanting to see light at the end of the tunnel need to draw that bridge of freedom by seeking knowledge in the field generally reserved for “nerds” or tech geniuses.  Reality is that most technology is quite simple, only requires patience and information that can readily be obtained most anywhere these days.  My eight year old is already teaching himself the basics and wants to become a video game programmer… Remember, he is eight. YOOOOOOOOUNG!!! There is no learning curve to be had, only lots and lots of patience, repetition, research and memorization. Patience, repetition, research and memorization. Read the fine lines. They carry the hidden treasures of the world.

As a Latin woman born and raised 10 minutes from the Mexican border, laden with trouble from the get go that includes a single parent household due to murdered father, drug addicted family members, poor education, and horrific eating habits, one might be sure to statistically give me the boot and hand me off to governmental assistance.  No hope, most will utter underneath their breath. Or so it may seem. As I grew older and much wiser, I broke free of any statistic by teaching myself at the age of 25 how to use technology to my advantage. Born (and failed) entrepreneur, I learned what works and what doesn’t the hard way. Taught myself the bare minimum in basic graphics, print, cmyk, s-rgb, 72 web / 300 print dpi, .25 inch bleeds, for the use of advertisements and photography, not even scratching the surface in web development or coding which I wanted to at first, then realized it wasn’t something I would use on a regular basis. I was only doing what I knew was necessary to put food on the table quickly without having to obtain a 40+hour weekly job so I could raise my children myself and not rely on others to identify what my worth was.  I laid out what I was passionate about; art; and then ran with it injecting technology where I could through social media types of self-promos, photography and design graphic trade outs in local media publications.  Did this all in the name of obtaining continuous clients and creating my art.

During this time my husband working endlessly while getting his masters.  I was pregnant with our fourth child and trying to make ends meet with my photography and ad sales. We were aware that things were somewhat difficult but not impossible. But there were days that just dragged for both of us. Some days were so difficult; I would literally stay home weeks without leaving my home unless it meant dropping off or picking up my kids from school. But when you have four kids and no baby sitters, this is kind of what you have to work with.  Technology was my escape, my disconnect and create time, my moment where I would actually make money to give people my art, even if in the form of electronic components.

I design on computers for a living on my own time. I photograph people, subjects and models for a living on my own time. I edit, and sell my advertisements to buy shoes for my daughter, diapers for my babies, long needed vacations for my husband and I, after years of not even going on a single date. I use my knowledge in technology to work for what I want, all in the comfort of my own home. With my toddlers sleeping in, my coffee by my side, my headphones to help the time pass as the graphics get more and more intricate.

Both my spouse and I now have college degrees, and my husband is now a Family Nurse Practitioner.  I have been using professional photography to capture beauty, heartbreak and my deep passions for years. I have attracted many local businesses in the process that have gladly sponsored my dreams helping us “get food on the table.”

My sponsors never knew that times were hard, or I was helping put my husband through college all while raising our four kids. I never gave them a pity story or even let them know we were struggling. Those conversations were reserved for the long-term clients who actually cared to know me as a human being. Those clients are now my friends. I am truly grateful for all those who believed in me and sponsored me throughout the years. I relish each sponsored moment as if it were the last, because many times, they were. Taking it all day-by-day, and thanking God for another chance to live.

Publishing my two annual publications a year with my art, has been our lifesaver. I used to hire professionals until I taught myslef photography and graphic design. My accidental venture into film has also proven worthwhile business enterprise. Several award winning commercials under my belt with awesome team members getting what is stuck in my head out on motion picture, has been nothing short of breath taking for me.  Making our first short film that won seven awards, beating out veteran competitors has pretty much showed me it really has only just begun. It has given me the ability to foresee a future in the world I only dreamt of as a child.  A dream I never realized I would actually get to live. And I owe it all to technology. I have miles of footage stored in my head. Fields of blood soaked cherry scented thorny roses, rooms filled with hundreds of decadent yellow cakes dressed in orange buttery frosting, neon pink paisley decorated green glowing blue eyed butterflies in tornado settings just to name a few.

Become a “techie” friends. I only learned the basics and here I am, able to use it to showcase my dreams. I love designing advertising and commercials.  And now I’m on a brand new venture with my first Full Service Studio in Dallas Texas. Starting from scratch here, and hoping Dallas likes my work… Babies both needs some new shoes. :0)